Your Cruelty-Free Cosmetics: More Tips and Products That Are Bunny-Friendly July 23 2015

I've found, tried and tested a few more cosmetic products from various companies that not only match the quality of the 'big' brands out there, but surpass them in all aspects including affordability and, most importantly, they do not test on animals. 

Visiting South Africa: The Rich Beauty of KwaZulu-Natal March 03 2015

As we are going to South Africa for a holiday in a few weeks' time, I thought it would be appropriate to share some great places that you should definitely visit at some point in your life.

Out and About in Wales: Castles, Ghosts and Rugby January 06 2015

I thought I'd share with you some of the more interesting things that we have gotten up to in the hope that it will encourage you to visit Wales (unless you're already living in Wales) and explore this beautiful country!

Ethical Autumn: Restaurants, Children's Clothing and Dog Days Out September 10 2014

Autumn, and very soon Winter, is just around the corner so I guess that many of us won't be using our gardens and barbeques for much longer (my husband and I have been eating outside every evening trying to relish in the last bit of warmth before it gets too cold!)! Eating out, refreshing walks in the crisp morning air, vegetation changing from lush green to a beautiful golden yellow, orange and red, there is so much to enjoy at this time of year! Summer ending need not be depressing!!!

Hunting: Humanity's Ethical Struggle, Canterbury Crusaders, Kendall Jones And More August 08 2014

People, including the guilty ones above, argue that the animals were hunted legally, that the animals aren't endangered, and that they didn't hunt for 'fun' or 'sport'. You wouldn't say so judging by those big smiles on their faces, seems like a lot of fun was had.

How to be... cruelty-free :) July 18 2014

Right, so I am back in the UK and just received my order of Lush products, which has in turn inspired this blog. [Lush is a UK-based cosmetics company dedicated to fighting animal testing, whose products are handmade, ethical and 100% vegetarian]

Markets, Rickshaws and Bunny Chows July 03 2014

"Cross the river in a crowd and the crocodile won't eat you" - African proverb

So I have ended up back in South Africa unexpectedly this week. Although the circumstances aren't great, I have found myself with a lot of spare time here and have been trying to fill it by keeping myself busy (mostly eating!).

Introducing you to…Bibi Rouge from Sabrina Kennedy June 17 2014


I think it's that time to start introducing you to all the very talented designers and manufacturers that supply Maisee. I won't be including them in one 5 page-long blog, instead I will introduce them in separate shorter posts so stay tuned!

Howzit! June 11 2014

Welcome to Maisee!!!  This is my first blog post so I apologise in advance if it is a little rusty, but I'm sure we will get there eventually :) After so many months of planning, chatting with suppliers, and arguing with couriers, it feels great to be writing this and to finally see the launch of my website! Oh yes, before I get into details and just in case you...
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